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 She Dances... With Him!


    She Dances… With Him!  is a dance teaching and learning method that was developed by Francisco De La Calleja between 1997 and 2008 and began to be applied on a wide scale in 2009. It is structured specifically to help students in partnership dances, particularly Salsa, to learn to dance more easily. 

    Francisco questioned why most dance teachers (and their students) believe that women learn to dance easier and faster than men. He found that a lot of them simply did not understand what it means to lead and to follow. Francisco realized that some student’s progress slowed down because the men were told (and shown) to make their partner dance. This places a lot of responsibility and stress on the leader. So he simply asked the women to do their own part, literally. 

    Basically what She Dances… With Him! does is to redistribute each effort and task evenly between the dance partners. For the system to work effectively, the student and the teacher must integrate four basic ideas into their dancing perspective:

-The sense of sight is our most powerful and reliable way of perceiving most movements. 

-Dancing with the leader means that the follower will move and stop without any outside assistance and under her own power.

-Following means the follower has to move after the leader has moved and not at the same time.

-Leading means the leader has to visually show what he is doing at the present moment, nothing else. 

    In turn, each of these concepts is introduced to the teaching and learning process by means of four corresponding Learning Vehicles:

Visual Dancing

Autonomous Movement

Late Following

Literal Lead

    Since She Dances... With Him! deconstructs most of the leading and following principles that a majority of dance students and their teachers have been told to believe in, you may want to learn more about this teaching and learning system by joining one of Francisco's classes, finding an instructor who has trained in the application of this method or read all about it in the upcoming book She Dances Salsa... With Him!

 Learning to dance is definitely not what it used to be!