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She Dances Salsa... With Him!

She Dances Salsa... With Him!She Dances Salsa... With Him!

 The book that will revolutionize the way most people learn, teach and dance salsa is coming soon!

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, a leader or a follower, a veteran teacher or rookie instructor, or if you just dance for pleasure but need a better explanation of what you see and hear in dance class; this book is for you! Learn about some important and rather obvious facts that -incredibly- are seldom mentioned in dance classes, such as:
• You should never dance like your teacher.
• Every Salsa dancer has a perfect stop. (Yes, stop; not step!)
• Beginner lessons are important, especially the second one. 
• Intelligence is the reason why some students just don’t get it. 
• The New York ET On2 style is just another pattern. 
• The truth about rhythm and music: It’s not in your head, it’s your head. 
• Good teachers don’t know everything, that is why they are good.
• Not everyone can (nor should) teach. 
• Salsa is easier than you think. 
• As a leader, you do not need to go through Beginner Hell. 
• As a follower, if you are not late... Then you are wrong! 
• The real meaning of leading and following and how it can improve the way you teach, learn and dance Salsa.

    She Dances Salsa... With Him!  will be released world-wide in the summer of 2019 and will also be available in French and Spanish, in paperback and e-book formats at, most bookselling websites as well as through most libraries.