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 Although over the years Francisco's work has been repeatedly recognized with trophies, diplomas, medals and certificates of achievement, his most precious recognitions are the achievements of his students and the kind words many of his customers, students, coworkers, associates and fellow teachers and teacher trainees have had to say about his work.

Here is what some of them had to say:



One of the things that make our existence worthwhile is when we meet people that help us see in different perspectives. You provide that to a lot of us surrounding you.

 -Gil S, Dance Teacher


At this point in your career I´m sure you do not need anyone reminding you what an amazing teacher you are, right? But just in case, I just did.

-Angus H, dance student


Just when you think a fellow student has no skill, no talent and no hope, Francisco comes up with an easy, effective AND elegant solution that benefits everyone in class.

-Marie-Helène P, dance student


Homo Salsa Sapiens. Francisco is the thinking man’s salsa dance teacher.

 -Richard M, dance student


I know I sound like a broken record, but I want you to know what an amazing person you are; I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that you touched and changed the life of each one of your students. I'll never thank you enough for everything you've taught me and for the wonderful times I’ve had in your class and while dancing with you. I know that I’ve become a better person because of you. You're an incredible dancer and teacher and a true inspiration to me.

-Lisa S, dance student


 It is said that you are the Dalai Lama of Salsa. Many thanks for everything Francisco that you have done for us during these three years at the school. Thanks for taking care of me when things were not going well, for your advice when I stressed about competing, for your wise words that made me think, for your jokes and your mexicanisms. Thank you for always being you. You have been our teacher since the beginning and we will never forget you.

-América R, dance student


Your wisdom shows in the way that you share it.

 -Carmen R, professional dancer


Thank you for all those years (11 in my case!), I really appreciated your happiness. You are a good teacher and coach! And also I had fun being one of your partners with Salsa Team Canada in Puerto Rico in 2005.

-Martine M, dance student


 We want to thank you for all the time you put in to help us dance a superb choreography. We enjoyed the way you awoke in us our passion for dance and shared yours.

 -Rainbow Salsa, Dance Troupe


You were the best (the light as I wrote), of San Tropez - my first teacher there, my inspiration to dance with the smile and to let go, to dance without attitude, dance with freedom and beauty. That's what you are all about, and that's how I feel about dancing now thanks to you… Sometimes you meet rare certain people and you know they are extraordinary and unique, with beautiful hearts and souls and you never forget them - that's all about you!

-Natalia S, dance student


What can I say? A real pro.

-Zoltan S, dance school manager


Thank you for teaching me everything I know.

-Wenceslao A, dance teacher


The words pellucid, succinct and literate were made to describe Francisco’s teaching, yet he retains a common, down to earth touch wrapped up in a witty sense of humour.

-Sarah G, dance student


Thank you for your commitment, knowledge and wisdom. Your endlessly giving heart shows me what it means to be a teacher.

-Maria T, dance school director


One of the most energizing Salsa teachers I know. Makes you love dancing!

-Steve S, dance student and teacher trainee


Every lesson is a challenge, yet you make me see my progress and I am sure I am not stagnating. These are the trademarks of a great teacher.

-Geneviève L, dance student


It is so much fun to learn from someone who truly loves what he is doing.

-Ruby W, dance student


You are the heart and soul of the school. You have changed my vision of life. Thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm.

-Elizabeth F, dance student


 We are so spoiled to have you as our teacher.

-Dinara & Fatima D, dance students


Thank you for our beautiful choreography for the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress.

-Vincent & Camille B, dance students


Thanks to your professionalism and dedication we have accomplished our great dream: Our wedding choreography.

-Susan & Daniel K, dance students


Thank you for being an inspiration to me and the best motivational speaker in the world!

-Anne-Marie B, dance student


The great Shakespeare-reading, philosophy-speaking, story-telling, poetry-reciting Salsa teacher…

-Zeina B, dance student


 I am grateful for your support and encouragement. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for building a dance passion in me. You will be remembered forever.

-Hanine H, dance student


My smart philosopher friend. Can always count on you to have a word of wisdom.

-Cathy M, dance student


A magnificent teacher!

-Nadege M, dance student


Whenever I face a new teaching challenge the first thing I ask myself is: What would Francisco do in my place?

-Eduardo V, dance  director and teacher


Killer on the dancefloor!

-Judith B, dance student


I just wanted to say how you changed my life in a good way. Not only I finally found a real passion but also made great friends and met wonderful people. Many thanks for your professionalism, dedication and everyday smile.

-Nathalie D, dance student


A big part of my new found love for Salsa. Thanks to you Francisco, for having an amazing sense of humour and out of this world teaching capabilities that make your students want to go further into this awesome way of life!

-Josiane I, dance student