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Francisco De La CallejaFrancisco De La CallejaLearn to dance now!

Forget everything you’ve heard about how hard dance lessons can be. That is ancient history. The new way of learning to dance is right here, at your fingertips.

Maybe you are looking to  to adopt a new hobby, to be more confident when you go out with your friends, maybe you want to get ready for a specific event, share unique moments with a partner or become an amateur or professional performer or even an instructor, learning to dance is a great way to live out your dreams.

Check out our frequently asked questions section, find out more about our private lessons, group classes, fitness programs, choreography coaching and even our unique dance teacher training program, designed by Francisco De La Calleja. 

Private lessons

 There is not a more efficient lesson to achieve your personal goals as a dancer than to have one hundred percent of your teacher’s attention during your class. In a group class the teacher must work out a compromise between the students that assimilate new concepts quickly and those that require more detailed explanations. In a private lesson, the teacher works at your rhythm, meaning that you will never feel as if the lesson is going too slowly or too quickly.

In private lessons, you learn not just what you want, but what you need, when you need it. The private setting allows your teacher the flexibility to plan your lesson according to your experience, perception, motivation, ability and your particular way of learning. The result is a lesson that is stimulating, motivating and satisfying.

There is also the advantage of being able to book your lessons at the time of your choosing and as often as you wish. And, as an investment, private lessons offer an extraordinary return. Our students report that in private lessons they learn between six and ten times faster than they used to in group classes.

To learn about our private and semi-private location and hourly rates click here.


Group classes

The group class setting is a fun way to get introduced to the thrill of learning to dance or improving your skills. They are also a great way of joining the community, meeting people who enjoy the same dances you do and making new friends.

You will be facing the same challenges and victories as your fellow students, so we cultivate a fun, inclusive and supportive atmosphere. And since our philosophy states that before being a good partner you must first be a good dancer, we encourage you to rotate partners in order to get a good understanding of what you truly know, understand and are capable of doing. Also, since you will certainly not have time to make all the mistakes yourself, you will benefit from listening in to the explanations the teacher gives to your fellow students.

Group classes are inexpensive and usually given at popular and flexible times.

Cardio Latino & Cardio Swing 

    Cardio Latino and Cardio Swing are  fitness programs based on the movements of latin dances such as salsa, merengue, bachata,  cumbia, brazilian samba and cha-cha-cha on one hand and Swing dances like East Coast Swing, Rock'n'roll, Jive and Lindy-Hop on the other one.

    Unlike other popular fitness programs, Cardio Latino and Cardio Swing are  real dance classes with detailed instruction where you will learn the authentic movements and technique of each dance style.

    Using easy choreographies that evolve as the session progresses, each movement is introduced with three different levels of intensity: No impact, low impact and high energy, depending on your personal fitness objectives.

    Great emphasis is placed on proper footwork technique for injury prevention and, contrary to the watch and copy approach of other programs, different styling options are provided to participants so everyone is able to express their artistic individuality. 

    Good exercise footwear, comfortable clothing and a water bottle are necessary, since a great deal of energy is expended. Overall, Cardio Latino and Cardio Swing are great ways to get or stay in shape, learn to dance and have a great time!

Show or competition choreography

Looking for a unique showtime experience? If you plan on competing in a club or putting on a dance exhibition for any occasion, we'll create the perfect routine for your big day, whether you are one couple or a large troupe.

Francisco’s experience as a performer, competitor and judge will be on your side, whether you want to fit in with a particular style or if you want an unique, ground-breaking concept that will set you apart from your peers.

The ideal combination of solo and partnership dance elements, more spectacular figures such as dips, drops and lifts with elements of style and footwork adapted to your experience and technical level. All to create a wow! effect that will remain forever in the memories of your audience.

If you already have a choreography and need to freshen it up and polish it, if you need an outside view of your work or if you want to bring up the technical level of your troupe’s dancers, Francisco’s experience as a coach and trainer will bring up your level of performance or that of your ensemble up to scratch.